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Onion creek

eastern Spotted skunk critical habitat restoration Site

Montgomery County, Kansas

Onion 19.JPG

Swallowtail has restored a 25-acre area in southeastern Kansas to habitat suitable for the Eastern Spotted Skunk (Spilogale putorius), a state-threatened species.  This site will be used as compensatory mitigation for impacts to the critical habitat of this imperiled species in a portion of southeastern Kansas for a single client.  Previously an unremarkable row crop farm field, this area is now dominated by a diverse blend of native prairie species.  Additionally, several habitat features were constructed to enhance the habitat value of this site.

Specifically, downed habitat logs and dead stumps will provide cover and potential den sites.  Additionally, dense shrub plantings will eventually create a thick canopy that will allow for a safe travel corridor between two adjacent wooded areas.  A conservation easement on the land will legally protect it from future development or other deleterious land uses.

Site construction commenced in 2019 and this young restoration areas is being monitored for vegetation establishment, shrub survivability, and invasive species cover.

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